Janni Krogh Design Philosophy

Janni Krogh is a passionate goldsmith and jewellery designer that puts all her heart into her work. With her great respect for the goldsmith profession Janni puts a lot of effort into making handcrafted jewellery. This guarantees quality pieces and it maintains the personal relationship between Janni, her jewellery and her costumers.

Janni Krogh catches the ideas and inspiration for her jewellery designs by noticing the unexpected beauty in everyday objects. Therefore her designs often have unconventional forms and surfaces. The jewellery is at the same time created with the mind-set ‘less is more’ and is greatly inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Overall Janni Krogh is a jewellery brand with unique and modern jewellery designs that pushes the limit and gives the wearer a new vision of what jewellery can be and what it can do. 

Janni Krogh