British VOGUE - February Issue

In the February issue of British VOGUE my AMULET necklace is featured along with other beautiful jewellery in a segment called Say It With Jewellery... Your Valentine's Day hint list.

I think it's so fitting that they feature my AMULET necklace in their Valentine's Day Jewellery hint list because it is one of my most personal piece of jewellery. It gives you the chance to seal a secret message for your special someone inside of it. VOGUE captured it so well in their description:


Janni Krogh is a Danish jewellery brand known for creating modern Nordic jewellery designs that are unique and intriguing. All of her items are made with a great respect for the goldsmith handcraft.
The AMULET necklace is made in oxidized sterling silver and 18k gold. Janni often seals a note inside the AMULET for her costumers. You can give her a piece of paper with your wishes, your dreams or maybe with a message for your special someone, and she will seal it inside the necklace. In this way you can forever keep it close to your heart.

Janni Krogh