Janni Krogh

The Danish jewellery brand Janni Krogh jewellery was founded in 2008 by designer and goldsmith Janni Krogh. She presents modern nordic design jewellery with elements in solid 18 kt gold and sterling silver. These precious metals are also offered in combination with brilliant-cut diamonds, raw diamonds and black onyx.
All Janni Krogh jewellery are handcrafted at the Janni Krogh studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Design Philosophy 

Janni Krogh presents modern design jewellery; with emphasis on simplicity, unconventional forms and unique surfaces. With great respect for the goldsmith profession, Janni Krogh puts a lot of effort into creating quality handcrafted jewellery because she belives quality should never be sacrificed for beauty.
Overall Janni Krogh is a jewellery brand with unique and modern jewellery designs that pushes the limit and gives the wearer a new vision of what jewellery can be and what it can do.